Goodbye Summer With Samal Island Tour

by - June 08, 2009

Summer has finally ended and the cool winds and rain drops taking over the heat from the summer season. And there's no better way to say good bye to summer than spending one - day island hoping in the middle of calm and blue waters of Island Garden City of Samal.

We reached Sasa wharf 8:00 o clock in the morning. As our island hoping begins, I am thankful that I chanced upon the opportunity for island hoping in a discounted price. I really love the idea of carrying a backpack and move from one place to another and be able to do much things as you can.

Meals are not included in the package, but still its okay, since we can bring any foods we like. While onboard, you can stroll around all over the ship to breathe in the nice air and feel the sea winds against your skin.

The ship has three stops: Kaputian Beach Park - where we ate our lunch, San Remegio, and Cannibad Island.

Although it is not a class- A cruise, but still you can get the luxurious feel of the ship and at the same time get to visit an island and pack in as much activities while the ship on docked cycling around the island. We have seen the Rainbow Breeze Resort along with Bluejaz Beach Resort. There are many people enjoying a weekend stay at Paradise Beach Resort.

We also passed by in the so- called Wishing Island. The beach resort that amazed me so much is Pearl Farm Beach Resort while on its right side is the Malipano Island. I can't help but told myself someday I want to spend one day or two on Pearl Farm Beach Resort.

Our first stop was in Kaputian Beach Park. It is being developed into a beach park by the government while it has the lowest rates in town. A picnic lunch in this beach park is the best activity while sitting ala "cowboy" with its fine white sand.

to be continued....

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