Punta Isla Lake Sebu Resort In South Cotabato

by - June 15, 2010

Punta Isla Lake Resort
I really love Punta Isla and the whole surroundings of Lake Sebu, so this time I decided to bring my closed friends here. All of them are so excited... but lemme share to your the highlights of our trip and my honest reviews of Punta Isla Lake Resort. 

Where is Punta Isla Lake Sebu Resort, and How to Get there? Punta Isla Lake Resort is located kilometers away from General Santos City and Koronadal City. Because of the availability of local buses, you can easily reach this resort. First, for those guests from other places, you take a plane going to General Santos City. From the Airport, you have to take a ride to reach Public terminal in Bulaong. After that you need to take 1 hour ride going to Koronadal City. As you passed by some towns in South Cotabato, you will enjoy different scenery. You can see a pineapple plantation of DOLE, the Mount Matutum and a lot more.

From Koronadal City, you need to transfer to another bus or mini vangoing to Surallah. It's a nearby town of Lake Sebu, the councilor of this place is the owner of Punta Isla Resort. Your next and last ride is from Surallah going to Lake Sebu where Punta Isla Lake Resort was located. Finally, after a long long ride, you are now in Punta Isla Lake Resort.

The Main Features of Punta Isla Lake Resort
Aside from the nice view, this lake resort offers many things. They have a restaurant on top of the hill with a nice terrace. This is a perfect place to view the lake, where you can see a lot of tilapia breeding nests. There is a little pavilion floating in the lake, where the most guests enjoy their lunch. Once you are in Lake Sebu, the first thing that will pop out in your mind aside from the lake is Tilapia. You can enjoy tilapia in different servings from kinilaw, adobo, grilled, and my favorite is Chicharon tilapia.

Native Delicacies

Nilasing na Tilapia ________________ Spicy Tilapia Fillet
Tilapia Vegetable ___________________Kinilaw na Tilapia
Sizzling Tilapia w/ Brown Sauce ______________Tilapora
Chicharon Tilapia ________________Pinaputok na Tilapia
Sinugba na Tilapia w/ Atchara ___________Laswa na Tiapia
Sinugnug na Tilapia ___________Sinigang na Tilapia
Sinangay na Tilapia _________Tilapia Vegetabe w/ Zepo Guizado
Hototay Soup __________________Pinakbet ng Punta Isla
Crazy as we are, we ordered almost all of these Tilapia menu just for our lunch.-wrong moves! During our dinner, all of us, now looking for chicken and pork. One of my friends laughed and said "how about chicken-tilapia? Or tilapia sardines. Too much of tilapia.

Roaming around, a touch of Filipino artistry in every cottage is so obvious even at your first look. They have double bungalow and different rooms too. However, double bungalow is the best choice as you can see the lake from the terrace. Plus you can request to serve your meals on it.

 Updated Room Rates and Contact Infos

Rooms & Rates

Room Types RateNotes
VIP Room - Single Bed w/ Bath, CR & TV
Php 950.00
Good for 2 persons
Family Room Twin Bed w/ Bath, CR & TVPhp975.00
Good for 4 persons
Family Room Twin Bed w/ Bath, CR & TVPhp 1000.00
Good for 8 persons
Family Room Dormitory TypePhp 500.00
Good for 4 persons
Family Room Dormitory TypePhp 750.00
Good for 6 persons
Tboli House Php 1350.00
good for 15 persons
Boating Trip (Around the Lake)Php 500.00/trip
maximum of 20 persons
This Punta Isla Lake Resort is an ideal place for any occasion like birthday, wedding, family outing, honeymoon, corporate meetings and seminars.

Contact Punta Isla Lake Resort

For Reservations you can Call or Contact Punta Isla at:
email add: puntaisla@gmail.com and puntaisla@yahoo.comTelfax: (083) 2388503,PLDT No.: (083) 8260962
Mobile Smart : +63919-451-5015Globe: +63905-289-513Sun: +639329870601  Official Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/pages/PUNTA-ISLA-LAKE-RESORT/124004170953442

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  1. Im Merlyn Mariano and Im the owner of Merlgarden Spring Resort at South Cotabato Philippines. We have the best lake sebu resorts and flowing spring water. Enjoy and Feel the beauty of Gods Creation in our Resort.

  2. jessica fortaleza-balanagNovember 30, 2013 at 11:25 PM

    would like to know if you have conference or function room 7 how many people can be accomodated? tnx!

  3. Punta Isla have a conference/function room that can accommodate a lot of people. Just call punta isla @ (083) 8260962 thank you so much 


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