DoleFil ClubHouse in Kalsangi, Polomolok

by - March 07, 2011

After an hour of swimming and diving in Tuka Sanctuary, we (SEX Tour participants) go to DOLEFIL Clubhouse in Kalsangi. And if you happen to visit it for the first time, you will be overwhelmed by the ocean of pineapples. Exaggeration, but it is. It is a home of the biggest pineapple plantation (around 12,000 hectare) in the country. The other things you will notice upon arriving in the place are the family of pine trees. The image of Bagiuo City will usually pop up into your mind.

Kalsangi Clubhouse in Dole Philippines Polomolok

This large property also has a school, church, hospital and a clubhouse also known as Kalsangi Clubhouse. It is a private place meant for DOLEFIL employees and guests only. That's why we're so lucky that Kalsangi is part of our Itinerary that day. But what I love the most inside the Dole Philippines, Inc. (Dolefil) is the golf course with landscapes near Kalsangi Clubhouse.

Aside that we're mesmerized by the scenic view, we also enjoyed the snacks they served on us. Pineapples slices and juices were there together with palabok, and club house sandwich. They also have a variety of products such as pineapple slices, chunks, tidbits, and juices in can. Of course the fresh fruits, the first thing the DoleFil Philippines is famous for.

And while we are enjoying the snacks, Gwynee Ebol of Dole Philippines is giving us the general infos about the DoleFil. I found out that they support farmers to plant pineapples. They also help community through tree planting, donating classroom chairs and a lot more and  DoleFil  got an  award bcoz of that.

In order you can visit Kalsangi Clubhouse, first you need to ask from a DoleFil regular employee a get pass since this place is not open for everybody. Once you have it (get pass), it is sure you will enjoy what Kalsangi Clubhouse has to offer.

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