Kiamba's Children Park and Tuka Marine Santuary

by - March 06, 2011

Destination #3 of Day 1 of Soccsksargen Experience Tour Part Deux (SEX Tour II)

After the whitewater tubing in Maitum, our next destination for Soccsksargen Tour (also known as SEX Tour) was Kiamba Children's Park which is free entrance. We enjoyed our lunch at an elevated place overlooking at the beach and the other portion of Kiamba, this place is good to hangout with family and friends. It was surrounded by flowers, some landscapes and mini zoo – where you can spend time getting acquainted with birds, snakes, turtles and a lot more.

(Lunch at Kiamba's Children Park, thanks to Kiamba Tourism Council)

Of course, visiting Kiamba Children's Park gets more interesting when accompanied by a trip to Tuka Sanctuary. It is a good thing I joined the said SEX Tour, I found out that aside from Quezon Beach somewhere in Julu, Sulu, Tuka Sanctuary, is one of the best undeveloped-white-sand-beaches. It comes with a crystal clear water even on the seashore. The four-coves could be a great picnic destination if you want to relax between white-sand-sea and lush mountain.

This place is also a haven of different species of fish and rich in marine life. I was tempted to try diving in deep areas, but I was too chicken to even think of drowning. I really don't know how to swim. :( But one thing is for sure, water sports enthusiasts could really enjoy a wide range of activities on their one-day stay.

Unfortunately, according to one of our guides, multitudes of corrals (which are the main attractions of the beach) are being attacked by the crown of thorns, and damaged a lot on coral reefs. To help save Tuka Sanctuary, you can coordinate with Michelle Solon and Kiamba Toursim Council.

Reaching Kiamba from General Santos City is so easy through vans or motorcycles as the main form of transportation, while the Tuka Sanctuary is accessible via the motorboat.

thanks to Dabawpinoy for the photos.

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  1. I wish everyone to visit Tuka Marine Park before you go to Boracay.Boracay is well developed already. If cong. Manny has started improving this resort, I hope other kind hearted and nature loving people will do the same.. Let's make Tuka Park a center of attraction here in Mindanao.10 years from now ,I could imagine a cable car running in this place.Challenge to all Kiamban who are abroad..


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