Malagos Garden Resort Travel Guide

by - May 24, 2011

Tired of sun’s heat and typical beach resorts? How about an educational summer adventure for your family? Ever been to a park that is not purely a leisure place but also a place to learn and value everything around us? Or maybe a park and a place for family leisure that promotes environmental awareness? Here’s a sure treat for you guys! The Malagos Garden Resort  in Davao city.

Malagos Garden Resort in Davao City is worth your visit! Make your summer a bit educational and different. Rather than soaking up in a sun’s heat, try to soothe your self and be part of the many new era heroes to save our dying earth. Fight global warming and be one of the warriors in restoring our damaged nature through their environmental awareness campaign or join their seminar on how to fight deforestation. Malagos Garden Resort is a 12 hectare inland nature theme resort located just with in the vicinity of the world’s largest city, Davao City.

Getting there:
Getting there is easy; Malagos Garden Resort is around 27 km away from the city center and around 32 km from the airport. It can be easily reached through private or public vehicle.

AIRPORT SHUTTLE - Malagos Garden Resort has a shuttle ready to pick-up their guest depending upon the reservation. The reservation will give you a minimal fee for transportation from the airport. You may contact their reservation office for more information.

By Public Transport:

Taxi. The taxi will bring you to Malagos Garden Resort. Taxis are available just around the City’s vicinity but it will be a bit expensive if you’ll prefer to ride in it. Travel Time from City Center 30 minutes – 45 minutes. And will cost you about PHP200 and above.

Bus and L300 Vans. A cheaper way to get there is through this mass transportation which will only cost you PHP40-50. Take the rout from the City Center to Calinan and Vice Versa. Leaves the Bankerohan terminal every 15 minutes. Travel Time approximately 45 minutes – 1 hour.

The terminal for Annil Bus and L300 Vans are located at the corner of Quirino Avenue and San Pedro Extension, Bankerohan, Davao City (at the back of International Bank). It will also pass through SM City Davao, Roxas Avenue (Aldevinco Shopping Center/Marco Polo), Acacia (Madrazo Fruit Stand) and Quirino (Central Bank).

What to do when you’re there:
- This is a weekend of seminars, food tasting, farm games and entertainment! A rare chance to own dairy goats and cows, ostriches, pheasants, birds, chickens, ducks and horses! This is a must try activity that will somehow help you start a good business. There are many seminars conducted in the resort for environmental campaign, and you may freely choose what seminars you will join. And you may refer to their reservation office for present seminars that they will conduct.

Enjoy natures bounty through “MALAGOS GARDEN RESORT TOUR”
- The Resort also provides special Tour Programs and Activities for the General Public and In house guests that offer to experience the beauty that the islands and highlands of Davao bring. The tour is inclusive of Hotel transfers, meals, tour guide and a wide choice of itinerary ranging from Malagos Garden Resort, Philippine Eagle Center, Aldevinco Shopping Center, Holy Infant of Prague, Philippine Japanese Museum, a Cutflower Production Farm, Davao City Tour, Snorkeling and Introduction to Scuba Diving with a Certified Instructor and Dive Master and a lot more. Most of the Tour Destinations are private properties and entry is possible only with arrangements through the Resort. You may choose which tour package you may avail. Tour packages are as follows:

ADTO TA SA MALAGOS- Package includes a trip to Malagos Garden Resort, Philippine Eagle Center, Philippine Japanese Museum, Holy Infant Jesus of Prague, Aldevinco Shopping Center.

2 – 3 pax   : PhP 2,750/pax
4 – 6 pax   : PhP 2,100/pax
7 – 10 pax : PhP 1,750/pax

Tour Duration: 7 hours approx

Inclusive of Transfers, Park Entrance, Lunch, Guided Tour

Sightseeing at Malagos  – Package includes A half day tour designed for the Tourist on the go. With a Morning and Afternoon Schedule to choose from, you will surely enjoy the trip to the Countryside. With optional tours that will take you to an Orchid Farm and Mushroom Production Farm of Puentespina Orchids Farm just in front of the Resort! This tour will leave you enough time to explore the other wonders of Davao City.

Half-day Tour. Malagos Garden Resort. Aldevinco Shopping Center.

2 – 3 pax   : PhP 2,150/pax
4 – 6 pax   : PhP 1,500/pax
7 – 10 pax : PhP 1,250/pax
Tour Duration : 5 hours approx

Inclusive of Transfers, Park Entrance, Lunch, Guided Tour

Here are some of the Malagos Garden Resort Highlights  - Malagos  will bring you to Two of Davao’s must see Tourist Attractions – Malagos Garden Resort and Philippine Eagle Foundation, both 10 minutes away from each other. The scenic 40-minute drive from the City Center will bring you to Davao’s Countryside, passing through the Davao-Bukidnon Highway with a magnificent view of Mt. Apo.

2 – 3 pax   : PhP 2,350/pax
4 – 6 pax   : PhP 1,700/pax
7 – 10 pax : PhP 1,400/pax

Tour Duration: 6 hours approx.
Inclusive of transfers, Park Entrance, Lunch, Guided Tour.

Bloom and Nature Tours  – this tour is enclosed with their flower farm tour, butterfly watching, bird watching and others. One will surely enjoy a close encounter with different kinds of butterflies and birds that is residing within the garden’s vicinity.


1. Bird Park  - The Bird Park of the Malagos Garden Resort is home to free flying Mindanao lorikeets, Guaiaberos, Sunbirds, Peafowls, and a number of rehabilitated raptors, hornbills, parrots and some ducks. Several imported ornamental poultry & livestock species like the Ostrich, Pheasants, Ducks and game fowls are displayed and actively bred. Breeding the ornamental birds provide the funds for research on the conservation, husbandry and breeding of our indigenous species. To date, the Bird Park has successfully bred the Palawan Peacock Pheasant, Mindanao Tarictic Hornbill, Eclectus Parrots, Umbrella Cockatoos, Nicobar and Victoria Crowned Pigeons, Whistling Ducks, Quails, Jungle fowls, and developed natural micro habitats to encourage repopulation of wildlife in the area.

2. Waling - Waling Forest (allow me to bloom program) – be mesmerized by its blooming glow and be part on conserving the specie through Planting a “Waling Waling” in a designated tree within the Resort and have the option to bring home another one to nurture yourself for a minimal fee of Php 500.00.

3. Bird Feeding and Watching Dome - Feed exotic birds yourself, right from your very hands. Interact and learn more about them! Visit them at Malagos Garden Resort and enjoy the experience. Daily feeding every 10 am and 2:00 pm. Visit the bird feeding dome during feeding time for an interactive learning session of birds’ diet & breeding biology.

4. Butterfly Sanctuary - Its Butterfly Sanctuary houses the biggest butterflies in the Philippines, the Triodes Radamanthus and Triodes Megallanus. There are also sheep, goat, donkeys, turtles, guinea pigs, rabbits, cows, horses, and other animals. Guests are allowed to feed these animals and interact with them to their hearts’ content in the Bird Feeding and Petting Zoo Area. The adventurous ones may also go Horseback Riding or take the Horse-drawn calesa rides through the gardens.

5. Petting Zoo- an area intended for kid so they can try pet the animals.

6. Abuevo Sculptures  - National Artist Napoleon Abueva displays art at Malagos Garden Resort. Stroll through the gardens of Malagos Garden Resort and experience first hand a collection of sculptures on loan from the Philippines’ awarded National Artist Napoleon Abueva. Considered to be a guiding influence in modern Philippine sculpture, Abueva’s passion for sculpture has inspired him to produce hundreds of artworks based upon personal and political themes, ranging from whimsically reflective to strong nationalistic. He is also known for his unabashed used of wide range of media, especially Philippine hardwood. His work is also on display at the United Nations building in New York. Influenced by the death of his parents at the hands of the Japanese in WWII, Abueva devoted his life to his art and is critically acclaimed as the pioneering modernist in sculpture.

There is actually so much to be done with in this garden resort that you will not have enough room for it. So I dare you to see for yourself and enjoy the wondrous gift of nature at Malagos Garden Resort.

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