What to Do: Zorb in Davao City

by - May 23, 2011

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Are you the type of person who’s always up to challenges? Do you love the feeling of your adrenaline come rushing to your entire system? If you’re the kind of being whose personality is that kind of a daring who’s more than willing to do almost everything and saying no to challenges is like saying no to a chance, then definitely there is this one spot at Davao City that dares you to try this Davao Zorb Park.
Davao Zorb Park photo by: Robz of thecreativedork.com

The Davao Zorb Park gives its riders a feeling that is worth pouring out of a lot of screams. You will be placed inside an inflatable transparent ball and rolled down on a hundred foot downhill. You may try this one alone or you may have your partner. Imagine the feeling of being rolled down from a top, felt like your tummy is being pulled upside down plus the feeling of excitement wrapped up into one. It would definitely be one of your best experiences if you try this kind of adventure.

Although you may be enticed with the kind of excitement and thrill you’ll have, there are certain health conditions that should be considered, noting that this requires almost of your vital organs in the body. First, any person who has a heart disease will not be allowed to join this adventure. Health wise, this kind of escapade requires and will cause more pumping of your blood – more than usual, something people with heart disease cannot compensate well. Pregnant women will also be not allowed to participate in this activity, as well as people with back and neck problems. You will be placed inside a ball and rolled down, it is something you cannot balance yourself. This will further aggravate the condition and/or can be detrimental to the well-being of the mother and the baby. You will not also be allowed to wear non-clothing materials; in short it’s just you. Do not worry, you will be strapped inside so it’s not like you’re being bumped from time to time. A certain height and weight requirement is also implemented. You should not weigh more than 80 kilograms and that your weight difference with your partner should not exceed 20 kilograms. Your height should be at least 5 feet tall.

Before the beginning of your adventure, you would be asked to sign a waiver. And you will also be acquainted of their certain rules, which you would strictly adhere. Only the adventurer on board will be allowed to go on top of the hill. Others will only be on the sides of the fences.
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The Davao Zorb Park is located at the entrance of Riverfront Corporate City at Diversion Road, Ma-a Davao City. This area is also the venue for Motorcross events held every August during Kadalyawan Festival and March during Araw ng Dabaw. It is only 20 – 30 minute ride from the airport. Aside from the The Davao Zorb Park, the Davao Crocodile Park, Bird Sanctuary and other spots are also found within the Riverfront Corporate City.

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