Group Tour Highlights: Two Days and One Night Only

by - December 09, 2013

I've been traveling around Mindanao since 2009. Lately, I enjoyed organizing group tours. I planned several trips together with my travel buddies (my photographers) and friends. Almost all of the planned trips except Asik-Asik Tour were successful, I always have a fear to mess up the trip though. 

It all started when I dragged three of my girlfriends to come with me in Gumasa in Sarangani Province. Perhaps they’re afraid to lose a crazy good friend, they go unprepared, and the other one just got out from the night shift.   

After we posted our Gumasa photos in Facebook,  another group wants to go to Gumasa. This time I am with a group of boys.  Glad they enjoyed and amazed with their short visit.
White Have, Gumasa Sarangani
Before the year of 2010 ended, I invited my group of friends to tour around Lake Sebu, specifically Punta Isla and the Seven Fall for a zipline.  We ate too much Tilapias, talked with our amazing Lolos =)) and have a good night sleep, the temperature was very cold that time.  

I really wanted to explore Balut Island since I’ve read few but good reviews about the place. My initial plan was to visit the place all by myself to make sure it is safe for my friends. But since most of them wished to go that month, the “Villalobos - Olanivan Expeditions” was initiated. I gave up my first plan and gamble with uncertainty, brought my friends with me.  It’s a good thing the place was very peaceful and the spots were all breathtaking.  It became my number one favorite, EVER!
At Olanivan Island, Davao Occidental

They said “Strike while the iron is hot”, while we’re still mesmerizing from our recent trip my friend from Mati and I organized again the “Laag sa Pujada” after two months. The highlights of this trip were Hot Spring, Dahican Beach, Pujada Beach and the small white island, where we jumped at the shore ala ninja style.  It’s fun. In this trip, I’ve learned how to play some cards, the “1, 2, 3, Pass” and I am such a loser.
Pujada Island
Anime Style in Pujada Island

Assassins Cover in Puting Balas (White Island)

Struggle Moments with Big Waves, Dahican

Dahican Beach in Mati

It was mid of 2012, when the Asik-Asik Falls and Sultan Hadji Hassanal Bolkiah Masji became popular.  All of my friends were screaming  to go, I organized and it failed- not just once but twice. Ouch!  I guess it’s not meant to be for my group to meet and know Asik-Asik and the grandest mosque in Cotabato City. I told them I won’t initiate any trips til end of 2012 kay malas. Hahahha

Our recent group trip was “A Taste of West Coast Sarangani”. Yes, every trip has a unique name to make it more interesting.   Sixteen travelers occupied one van, headed to Nalus Falls, ate organic at Cresing’s Food, had an hour of white water Tubing at Pangi River of Maitum and went swimming in Tuka Marine Sanctuary Park. The trip was more challenging since I had to manage 16 people. But the enjoyment drowns out any worries. Plus, it was my birthday ^_^

Tuka Marine Sanctuary Park

Dragon Park in Kiamba, Sarangani Province
Nalus Falls in Kiamba

Cressing's Food and Products

White-Water Tubing in Pangi River, Maitum

For my 2014 Mindanao trips, one thing is for sure, it will be special. Soon, you’ll know why.

P. S Each trip woldn't be complete without Bloopers!

In Balut Island, Davao Occidental
Me: Guys, Olanivan, MV Songs of Dolly and Sabang HotSpring are owned by RD Group of Companies.
Friend 1: Anong RD?
Me: Rivera D?
Most of them gave their own RD meaning
Bloopers 1: (w)Rong Definition?

In Mati, Davao Oriental
Girls are so busy playing 123 pass cards while the boys set up their hammocks to sleep early.
BANG! Someone fell from the hammock. 1,2,3,4, 5, silence then we filled up the house with laughter.

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  1. Kaila ko ani ba!

    Girls are so busy playing 123 pass cards while the boys set up their hammocks to sleep early.
    BANG! Someone fell from the hammock. 1,2,3,4, 5, silence then we filled up the house with laughter.


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