Talicud Island: A Complete Package for the Weary

by - April 29, 2009

Isla Reta in Talicud Island

It was cloudy Saturday afternoon when I and my companion arrived at Talicud Island. Perhaps the sun is too shy that time and wants to hide on thick clouds. But that kind of weather inspires me to play healthy ideas on my mind while waited for the sun to shine up, so we can witness the spectacular view together.

Before I have always thought of Samal as an expensive escape and only accommodates those who can afford it. How wrong I was, the Talicud Island had all the elements needed for a perfect gateaway for the weary soul at a very cheap price. There are many places to choose from and many activities like water sports, eco tours in beaches or waterfalls, just name it Samal has it.

Going to Talicudd Island is just a little over one hour boat ride so you don't need to hurry. For me, it is a sin not to enjoy the beautiful array of beaches in Talicud Island as the main attraction. One of the beaches in Talicud Island is Isla Reta Beach Resort. It has a white sand beach and serene environment enough to name it a paradise for lonely soul and want a silent escape. The warm welcomed of Llanos Beach Resort made me think to visit this beach resort over and over again.

Next to Llanos Beach Resort was Dayang Beach Resort. This beach resort comes in wide surroundings so each guest has enough boundaries to savour the beauty of natue. Last but not the least, the Babu Santa Beach Resort. This white sand beach resort is one of the simplest beach resorts in Samal Island that offers the sun and the beach for snorkeling, kayaking, and any kind of water sports.

Visiting Talicud Island for one day was not enough for me but nevertheless, it was definitely an unforgettable trip.

For more infos and photos you can visit Samal Beaches.

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